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Rental Terms & Conditions

At a glance

Pick Up and Drop Off

- In our office in Malaga, during working hours

- For rental 3+ days, free delivery within Malaga City limits or the airport

- Fee may apply for delivery to other areas

- Bike is supplied with a full tank of petrol and should be returned the same.


The following insurance is included:

- Third Party Liability up to €50'000'000
- Health assistance for the driver in case of an accident up to €6000
- Roadside assistance

The renters' liability for damage or theft is limited to the amount of the security deposit with some exclusions (refer to the full text of the contract).

Rental Requirements

- Minimum age 25 years old

- Passport/ID Card

- Category A driving license held for a minimum of 2 years

- Major credit/debit card in the name of the main renter with sufficient amount to cover the security deposit. The security deposit will be held as a credit/debit card pre-authorization and refunded upon return of the motorcycle.

Our Responsibilities

- Provide you with a roadworthy motorcycle

- Provide you with a support throughout the rental and a 24 hours emergency assistance

- Coordinate with you in case any repairs and maintenance are required

Your Responsibilities

- Take good care of the motorcycle

- Don't use (or permit others) in any way that is against this agreement

- Return the Motorcycle in the same condition and with same amount of fuel you took it

- Contact us immediately in case of any issues

- Bikes can be ridden anywhere in the EU (CDW only applies in Spain and Portugal). Bikes cannot be taken to Morocco.


- Some damages are not covered by insurance, see the list in the contract

- Record all damages when picking up the motorcycle

- You are responsible for traffic and parking fines, please ride carefully!

- If there is anything wrong with the bike or there is any damage to the bike, tell us ASAP

Full Terms and Conditions

This motorcycle rental agreement is made between Andalus Moto Adventures SLU with CIF B09966979 (“the Owner”) and the person whose personal details are recorded in the “Renter Details” section of the contract (“the Renter”). The owner and the renter are collectively referred to as “Parties”.

  1. Subject and Term of the Agreement

The Owner provides the Renter a motorcycle details of which are recorded in the Rental Contract on a self-hire basis without a driver as well as the equipment indicated in the contract. The Agreement shall commence on the day and at the time indicated in the Rental Contract and the Renter shall return the motorcycle to the Owner on or before the return date and time as indicated in the Contract, unless explicitly agreed by the Parties. The Renter bears full responsibility for the motorcycle and the equipment until the time it is returned to the Owner.

  1. Permitted Drivers

Only the person named in the agreement as the Renter is allowed to ride the Motorcycle at any time during the rental, unless the Owner has explicitly allowed the Motorcycle to be ridden by any other person(s). 

Unless explicitly agreed in writing by the Owner otherwise, the Renter must have held an unrestricted category A licence for at least 2 years and be over 25 years old at the time of rental.

  1. Pick Up and Return

1) The pick up and return of the Motorcycle will be conducted at the place and at the time indicated in the Contract unless a different arrangement has been made between the Parties. The Renter has a 60 minutes grace period for the return of the Motorcycle after which the Owner reserves the right to charge an extra day’s rent at the current published daily rate.

2) The Pick Up and Return is to take place by prior appointment and during normal business hours (9am to 6pm Monday to Friday). The pick up and drop off outside of those hours may be permitted by the Owners with prior approval and a reasonable extra charge may be applicable.

3) The Pick Up and Return is to take place at the Owner's office at Calle Diderot 9, 49A, 29004 Malaga, Spain. For rentals of 3 days or more, by prior arrangement, the Motorcycle can be delivered (or collected) by the Owner within 10kms radius of the office at no extra charge. For delivery and collection outside of the 10kms radius there may be a reasonable extra charge of which the Owner will inform the Renter in advance.

2) It is the Renters responsibility to examine the Motorcycle upon pick up and verify it’s suitability for the intended rental purpose. By signing the agreement the Renter confirms that the Motorcycle is in an acceptable condition and is suitable for its intended use. The Renter also verifies they have been supplied with the listed extra equipment, as well as Motorcycle documents, keys and undertakes to return those in the same condition at the end of the Rental.

3) The Owner reserves the right to gain repossession and use of Motorcycle at any time without notice and without the Renter’s consent, but at the Renter’s expense, from wherever and by any means, if

a) at the Owner's discretion there is danger of damage or loss of Motorcycle as well as risk of not receiving the rental charge or any other due compensation

b) it is being or has been used in violation of this agreement 

c) it has been used in violation of Spanish or any other applicable law.

4) Unless specifically agreed with the Owner, the Motorcycle must be returned with the same quantity of fuel as it was supplied with. In case the Motorcycle is returned with less fuel than it was supplied with, the Owner will charge the Renter for the missing amount of fuel at the going market rate. The owner might apply a reasonable administrative surcharge for refuelling. In case the motorcycle is returned with more fuel than it was supplied with no refund for the unused fuel will be provided.

  1. Damages

1) The Renters responsibility for the cost of damage to the Motorcycle is limited to the amount indicated as the security deposit on the Rental Contract (known as Collision Damage Waiver, “CDW”) subject to the contract conditions and limitations. The standard security deposit is 950 EUR.

2) In case of damage or scratches to any elements of the motorcycle the charge will be the cost of a repair or replacement of the element, but not less than 50 EUR per damaged piece.

3) The Rental will be responsible for full cost of damage or loss beyond the security deposit in the following situations:

  1. When the Motorcycle is being used or driven by a person other than the Renter, unless this has been explicitly agreed by the Owner
  2. When driving in violation of any applicable laws
  3. When driving in violation of terms of this contract
  4. When being in violation of any terms of the insurance
  5. When the Motorcycle is being ridden outside of the public highways or on non-paved roads
  6. Damage to the tyres or wheels
  7. Damage to or loss of the equipment supplied with the Motorcycle, such as Satnav, Luggage boxes or bags, helmets, toolkit, repair kit, locks etc
  8. Damage to the lower part of the Motorcycle (engine’s oil pan, exhaust pipes, engine protection plates, rear suspension linkage, centre stand, etc)
  9. In case of a theft if the Renter does not have in their possession the keys for the motorcycle and for the security device supplied with the motorcycle
  10. In case of a theft, if the Renter has not used the security device that has been provided with the motorcycle
  11. In case the motorcycle was parked on a public road at night (from the beginning of civil twilight in the evening until the end of civil twilight the following morning)
  12. In case the motorcycle is ridden out of the territory limits of Spain and Portugal

4) In case any damage, accident or mechanical issue is suffered by the Motorcycle the Renter must immediately inform the owner using the emergency 24 hours number supplied. The Renter must then follow the instructions of the Owner.

5) In case the damage is caused by the negligence or misuse or abuse of the Motorcycle by the Renter they will be responsible for the cost of the remainder of the agreed rental period, as well as costs of any cancellations or postponements of other reservations of the Motorcycle which have resulted from this damage.

6) In case the motorcycle is involved in an accident with a third party, the Owner will retain the deposit until the responsibility for the accident is determined by competent authorities. If the third party is deemed to be wholly responsible for the accident the deposit will be returned to the Renter once the damage is recovered from the third party (or their insurance company). In case the Renter is deemed to be partially responsible for the accident, the deposit will be used to cover part of the damage that cannot be recovered from the third party and the remainder returned to the Renter. 

5. Use of the Motorcycle, Repairs and Maintenance

1) The Owner is responsible for handing over the Motorcycle in a roadworthy condition. The Owner will provide the Renter with information about any known technical issues with the Motorcycle as well as provide familiarisation with the basic operating controls of the Motorcycle as well as other equipment. 

2) The Renter is responsible for operating the Motorcycle with due care and attention and conduct regular maintenance recommended by the manufacturer to prevent wear & tear of components. This includes lubricating the chain at least every 500 kms, maintaining the recommended tyre pressure, adjusting the chain slack as needed and other regular care items. A toolkit will be supplied with the Motorcycle to allow those maintenance tasks to be carried out. If the Renter is unable or unwilling to perform said maintenance they can delegate those to competent motorcycle mechanics at the Renters expense.

3) In case of any repair or further maintenance required for the Motorcycle the Renter shall obtain the Owner prior authorization. The Owner shall make the best effort to locate a service provider close to the Renters current location and minimise the disruption as much as possible. The Owner, however, will not be responsible for any trip interruption expenses of the Renter caused by the mechanical breakdown unless this was due to the Owners negligence.

4) The Motorcycle shall only be used in accordance with the use that would be reasonably expected for a short term rental of a recreational vehicle. In particular, it must not be:

  1. Used for any commercial purposes,
  2. Used for participation in any motorcycle events of any kind,
  3. Used for participation in any motor racing, track days or similar activities,
  4. Used off-road or on non-paved roads,
  5. Used under inappropriate conditions,
  6. Modified in any way without prior permission from the Owner,
  7. Sold, wholly or partially.

5) Some motorcycles are equipped with a GPS tracking device allowing the Owner to access its current location. This data will only be used by the Owner to locate the motorcycle in case of a theft or if the Renter needs assistance and with the renters’ explicit permission. The data will not be shared with the third parties apart from the ones needed to resolve the aforementioned situations. The data will not be stored longer than absolutely necessary for those purposes. 

6) The motorcycle can only be used in the territory of the European Union. The CDW is only valid in Spain and Portugal. In case the renter takes the motorcycle beyond the territory limit of Spain and Portugal, they will be responsible for any damage up to the full value of the motorcycle. Motorcycles cannot be taken outside of the territory of the EU and cannot be taken to Morocco.

7) Unless the “Unlimited mileage” option is purchased, the rental rate includes a daily mileage of 360 km/day. Any amount in excess of the included mileage is charged at €0.3/km.

6. Payments

1) The deposit of 20% of the Rental Costs must be paid by the Renter to guarantee the reservation. The Renter will have an option to pay the deposit during the online reservation process. The reservation is not confirmed until the deposit is paid.

2) The remaining portion of the rental costs are to be paid before the rental begins.

3) The Renter bears full responsibility for the tolls, parking charges, parking violations, traffic fines and similar charges incurred in the course of the rental.

7. Cancellations, Refunds and Amendments

1) For rentals cancelled with at least 15 days notice, a full refund will be given.

2) For rentals cancelled with less than 15 days notice or in case of a no-show, no refund of any pre-payment will be made. In case of an early return of the Motorcycle no refund of the unused portion of the rental will be given.

4) For rentals cancelled due to the reason of force majeure, such as a natural disaster, war, prolonged strikes and similar events, the Owner will issue a voucher for the full value of any pre-payments made. This voucher can be used by the Renter in lieu of payment for any services of the Owner.

5) In case the rental cannot be commenced or continued through no fault of the Renter, for example, in case the Owner cannot supply the motorcycle at the agreed time or the motorcycle suffers a mechanical breakdown or an accident which is not the fault of the Renter and cannot be ridden safely, the Owner will reimburse the Renter the rental charges for the unused rental period. These charges are the maximum extent of the Owners’ liability. The Owner will not be responsible for any further or associated costs to the renter.

8. This agreement is governed by Spanish Legislation and any and all disputes which may arise between the Owner and the Renter from this agreement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaga.

[This document contains a total of 4 pages. The signature at the bottom indicates the Renter has read and accepts the content of all 4 pages.]

Renters Name: Renters Signature:


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