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The Gems of Andalucia

This 9 days long motorcycle itinerary starts in Malaga and will take you to the most interesting sights on Andalusia, the southernmost region of the Iberian peninsula. You can enjoy sunny weather, discover rich cultural heritage and diverse, mouthwatering cuisine. All while riding the gentle and twisty roads that will put a smile on any bikers face!

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9 days
4 hours
Easy to Moderate, On-Road
Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Gibraltar
Malaga, Costa del Sol and Sierra Nevada

The itinerary starts in Malaga, a vibrant city on the southern coast of Spain. It features an eclectic mix of traditional Spanish venues, museums and restaurants with a twist of influence from a sizeable expat population. With a busy international airport you will have no trouble organizing your flight at a convenient time. We will deliver your bike(s) for free to your hotel in Malaga city or to the airport - or we will pick you up! While you are staying in Malaga we recommend to explore the city with our partner company, Malaga Adventures, who are offering free (tip-based) tours of the city - and they are excellent! You can of course do the route on your own bike, or take our rental Suzuki V-Strom 650 or our rental Yamaha Tracer 700!

The route makes its way towards the east from Malaga, taking small roads to wander inland and back to the coast - staying away from the traffic and enjoying the gentle roads Andalusia has to offer - perfect for motorbikes!

You will approach Sierra Nevada (literally, "snowy mountains"), the highest mountain range in the south of Spain. If the weather allows, you can ride over one of the highest passes in the range - and if not, take an equally scenic road around to arrive to Granada in the afternoon.

Granada, Cordoba and Seville

Upon arriving in Granada the first thing to do is to check into the hotel. We recommend our partner hotel "Atenas Granada" - great rooms at very affordable rates and an excellent location. Our guests enjoy a free garaged parking for the motorcycles when booking on the hotel website and using our partner code.

After the check-in, it's time to explore Alhambra, the most famous site in Granada. An architectural masterpiece, a palace and a fortress, its also a mix of cultures and stories.

After having a short rest it's time to go and explore the town and its narrow passages, for which we highly recommend again to take a walking tour with the local guide from our partner company "Walk in Granada".

Next day is a 3-4 hour long ride to Cordoba with the first part taking us across another mountain range. Passing traditional towns set around impressive fortresses will provide ample opportunities for photo stops. In the afternoon it is time to explore Cordoba, a city hosting 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (more than Paris or Rome!) including the spectacular Mosque of Cordoba.

In the morning you will hit the road again through yet another set of exciting twisties to arrive in Seville. Seville is a fine example of the architecture highlighting the power of the Kingdom of Spain while preserving its rich cultural diversity - and it is still the base for many government institutions of Andalusia. It wouldn't be Spain though if it wasn't complemented by some of the best Flamenco shows in the country. There are ongoing debates of what is THE place for Flamenco - and rather than joining those debates which can get heated very quickly, we invite you to just sit back and enjoy the magnificent performance.

Beaches of Tarifa, Gibraltar and White Villages of Andalusia

Having explored the most famous cities you will head towards the seaside (we are on the coast, after all!) where we recommend you to stop for a couple of days rest. The beaches in Tarifa area are regarded as some of the best in Andalusia and in whole of Spain - far enough from the places of mass tourism those provide almost Caribbean-like paradise feeling while still having plenty of opportunities for those who prefer some more adventure activities such as surfing.

While some people might choose to go for a short local rides or just chill on the beach, there is also an option to ride down to Gibraltar. You will be able to see the African coast as you ride down towards "The Rock" (another name for Gibraltar). It is recommended to leave the motorbikes on the Spanish side of the border and explore Gibraltar by foot - of course, climbing on top of The Rock to say hello to friendly cheeky monkeys living there!

On the penultimate day of the trip, instead of taking an unpleasant and traffic-heavy road along the coast we recommend you to go inland again. You will take small, twisty, deserted alleys to explore some of the most picturesque villages of Andalucía. Most often built with white stones those stand out in the rocky and green background and it feels like those are glowing under the bright sun. It's great to stay in one of the small, local village and feel the countryside vibe.

On the final day of the trip there is a chance to visit Ronda, a picturesque town with breathtaking views of a bridge over a deep gorge - before heading towards Malaga through lush green and hilly countryside. As you check into your hotel in Malaga we will come to pick up the motorcycles and wish you a good journey home - and hoping to see you again soon!

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