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Magical Ronda

This motorcycle day trip from Malaga can easily be done at a relaxed pace leaving Malaga in the morning and coming back to the city at the sunset! Quiet spectacular roads, a lunch in picturesque Ronda, mountain passes in and out of Marbella and exploring the caves of Ojen! Followed by some more great biking roads back into Malaga in time for dinner!

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1 day trip from Malaga
250 kms - around 4.5 hours
Ronda, Puerto Banus, Ojen Caves
Departure from Malaga and Ronda

After a hearty breakfast (for example, how about chocolate con churros) you depart Malaga and take A-357 towards Campillos. The road allows an easy access from Malaga via a dual carriageway which soon turns into a single carriageway winding around the hilly landscape, climbing some hills before descending into valleys that host another picturesque small town. It's an easy ride with gentle bends and a fairly open road. As you leave the famous Caminito del Rey on our right you will take A-367 towards Ronda - which is a slightly smaller, but equally pleasant road. In stark contrast to the dry landscape of the Southern Spain, this road has some green hills and fields around that seem to glow emerald under a bright sun.

You arrive to Ronda some 1.5 hours later and the first thing you do, after parking the bikes, is to look at the famous Ronda bridge and the gorge. You can descend some steps to have a better view and pictures - also also to get some exercise before you head over to one of the restaurants for lunch. The restaurants near the bridge offer amazing views and reasonable Menu del Dia - set menu - so you can recharge the batteries before continuing our trip.

Ronda to Marbella and Puerto Banus

As you leave Ronda we take A-397 towards the coast and Marbella. The road goes over a mountain range that hugs Costa del Sol and is a twisty and enjoyable ride - with some hairpins too. As it can be a little busy on the weekends watch out for the traffic. The view is worth is though, especially as you climb the top of the mountain and have a panoramic view of the coast. If you were to stop at every scenic point for pictures this trip can easily take days.

As you descend towards the coast into Marbella we hit an area where there is more traffic. You won't stay on the coast for long exactly for this reason - but will just check out Puerto Banus area. Known for expensive and luxury lifestyle you can admire many yachts and fancy cars - and even grab a bite to eat or at least a coffee in many fancy cafes around. As you finish your short pit stop you head over into the mountains again in the direction of Ojen.

Ojen Caves and return to Malaga

You leave the coastal area and pick A-355 towards Ojen. As you begin climbing the mountain again and enjoying the views very soon you encounter Ojen Caves - small caves, but worth a short stop to explore and admire. If you resisted having a fancy snack in Puerto Banus then Ojen is a great place to have some - and much lighter on the wallet too. From Ojen you continue on A-355 towards Coin, and, bypassing Coin, re-join the A-357 to come back to Malaga. Alternatively you can take A-404 towards Alhaurin de la Torre and head into Malaga city from the south.

A relaxing shower to wash off the full day of exciting riding and a well deserved hearty dinner awaits you on arrival to Malaga!

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