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About Andalus Moto

What is Andalus Moto?

Andalus Moto is a small motorcycle rental agency based in Malaga in the Southern Spain. We are a small team entirely dedicated to the passion that we all share - and that is exploring the world around us on 2 wheels. We have hundreds of thousands kilometers of motorcycle touring experience and want to share the joy of riding a motorcycle in the beautiful region of Andalusia and beyond with our guests. Being bikers ourselves we understand the unique variables that come into play when going on a motorcycle tour and we strive to ensure our guests have the best experience and a holiday to remember.

Why are we doing Motorcycle Rentals and why Malaga?

We genuinely believe that exploring new places on a motorcycle is one of the best ways of traveling. A motorbike offers a degree of freedom unrivalled by other means of transport. And being exposed to the world makes it easier to experience it and enjoy it to the fullest. Whether one is traveling solo, as a couple or as a group of friends, it is our experience that bikers have a much better chance of being approached by and establishing connections with the locals. In the end it's usually the experience we have with other people is what we remember most from our travels.

Andalusia in the Southern Spain offers one of the best conditions for motorcycle touring in Europe. Rideable weather all year around (and most of the year, the weather is perfect). A variety of motorcycle routes to all tastes, from perfect gentle curves to tight twisties. Rich historical and cultural heritage ensures there is plenty to do when off the bike. A mixed, tasty local cuisine at very reasonable prices. And the welcoming, friendly locals.

There is just one drawback - Andalusia is quite far to ride there on an own bike. Thankfully, there is a major international airport in Malaga that connects to many destinations in Europe. This is why we've decided to offer motorcycle rentals based in Malaga - so one can hop on a bike and explore all that Spain has to offer the same day they've left their home anywhere in Europe. How cool is that? Wake up in London, Oslo or Berlin - and have a dinner watching the sun setting over the Mediterranean sea with a motorcycle parked just outside - all on the same day!

What are our values and principles?

We follow The Golden Rule - treating our guests the way we would want to be treated. We want you to have an exciting, enjoyable and safe motorcycle holiday. We are small enough company that we can focus our attention on providing a personalized experience and assistance. We'd be glad to provide you with as much information and itinerary planning advise as you need.

We also connect with local companies and guides who can provide some insights and activities in the cities around Andalusia if you choose to do some sightseeing in between riding days. From our experience, the locals are usually the ones who can tell the best stories - and supporting the local communities is also part of responsible tourism.

And if there is any issue that arises during your trip and you need our help - you can call us at any time of day or night and we will do our best to resolve it as quickly possible!



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We also think you might like the following resources of our partners when planning your motorcycle holiday:

Horizons Unlimited has a ton of information for any aspect of motorcycle (and overland) travel, from shipping information, latest travel advisories and restrictions to paperwork and selecting the right equipment and gear. It also has an active web forum where thousands of travelers exchange information and advise.
Malaga Adventures is a group of energetic, knowledgeable and passionate guides in Malaga. If you want to explore Malaga and learn about it's rich history you won't find a better group to guide you on the free tours around the city. And if you're looking for interesting things to do when off the bike the guys organize tons of events from salsa classes to hiking and yoga. They are well established partners of Andalus Moto and are keen to make your stay in Malaga enjoyable!
Atenas Hotel Granada is an excellent choice for motorcycle travelers when visiting Granada and exploring it's sights! Located right in the city center, within an easy walking distance to all the sights it offers comfortable, refurbished rooms at very affordable prices. And especially for the guests for our guests it offers a secure, garaged parking for the motorcycles for free! To avail of this offer one has to book a room directly on the hotel website and use promo code "ANDALUSMOTO".

Our Motorcycles for Rent in malaga


An excellent All Rounder Touring Motorcycle! Comfortable and relaxed posture, easy and controlled cornering make it fun to ride for short and long trips! Equipped with ample luggage capacity!


An exciting Sport Touring Motorcycle! Comfortable for long distance trips and lively for some twisty roads fun! Touring screen, heated grips and ample luggage capacity and power for traveling with a pillion.

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Why Rent a Motorbike from Andalus Moto Rentals?

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By Bikers for Bikers

We are avid motorbike travelers ourselves and we understand the specifics of motorcycle journeys!

We are providing this service to our guests because we love Motorcycles Traveling ourselves - not the other way around!
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Transparent Pricing

We strive to ensure our prices including all extras are transparent and there are no surprises for our guests. We will clearly explain to you what your rental includes, what are optional extras and what are the insurance options.

No surprises!
Motorcycles and Equipment

We have a selection of well-maintained motorcycles of different styles and purposes to suit everyone's needs.

We also equip the bikes to ensure maximum comfort and to prevent any potential disruptions - and the roadside assistance is always provided!
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Personalized Approach

We want you to make sure you have a Great Motorcycle Holiday in Spain!

We will help you to plan the itinerary, connect you with partner hotels if needed and accommodate any specific requests as much as we can!
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